Ice-Bound: Euro Jet Ready for the Ice Hockey World Championship in Riga and Tampere

Ice-Bound: Euro Jet Ready for the Ice Hockey World Championship in Riga and Tampere

27. 04. 2023 News 3min

Euro Jet is excited to offer support for flights related to the Ice Hockey World Championship taking place from May 12 to May 28, 2023, in Riga, Latvia and Tampere, Finland.

The Riga Arena in the Latvian capital will welcome national teams of Canada, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The city will also host two quarter-final games on May 25.

The Finnish city of Tampere will host Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, and the United States. The Nokia Arena in Tampere has also been chosen for the Championship’s semifinal and final which will be held on May 27 and 28.

This year's Ice Hockey World Championship takes place in Riga, Latvia and Tampere, Finland.

During the championship, Riga Airport (EVRA/RIX) will not impose any special procedures or restrictions for general aviation traffic. The airport consists of one terminal and two concourses. In 2022, it handled almost 5.5 million passengers. With a peak-hour airfield capacity of 35 flights, there will be no parking issues at Riga Airport and repositioning will not be necessary.

For those traveling on private flights, Riga Airport offers a VIP terminal. The immigration process is expected to run smoothly with six control points available for fast and efficient service.

At both Riga and Tampere airports, Euro Jet can provide comprehensive flight support services.

Situated about 16 km outside of the city, Tampere-Pirkkala (EFTP/TMP) averages 10 commercial flights per day. All visitors travelling for the ice hockey tournament will be processed through the main terminal. Due to limited hotel availability, we strongly recommend our customers arrange their hotel bookings as soon as possible. We also advise our customers to pre-order all catering in advance as there is only one local provider available. While crews have the option of bringing their own catering through screening, this may not be feasible for all customers.

At both airports, Euro Jet can provide comprehensive flight support services. Euro Jet’s operation in Riga is overseen by Katarzyna Kopanska, our Country Manager for the Baltics, while at Tampere we cooperate with our trusted and verified vendors. Our services offered include:

We look forward to our cooperation in Riga and Tampere!

Images: Shutterstock, Wikimedia

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