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Imagine a company located on-the-ground at airports across Europe and Asia that also has a strong global network. A company that can quickly and efficiently obtain permits, set-up all ground handling, fuel, cater, flight plan, coordinate all crew logistics and arrange all payments. Euro Jet is that company. Our team of aviation professionals on the ground and in operations makes us a unique one-of-a-kind company ready to provide you with the peace of mind that when Euro Jet is working on your flight, we will provide you with a seamless operation.


How We
Can Assist?

Euro Jet provides an extensive array of services where we can assist with every aspect of your aircraft’s ground operation. This includes ground handling support; competitively priced global fuel; overflight, landing, and urgent permits; VIP catering, and carefully selected hotels and transportation options. We can also provide credit for approved customers. Our 24/7 Operations Control Center and over 200 staff located in 40 countries around the world are ready to assist you anytime.

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About Euro Jet

Euro Jet was founded in 2008 as a company dedicated to providing ground support services throughout Europe and Asia. Over the years we have expanded our capabilities to also provide these same services worldwide. We work with executive jet operators, corporate jets, major commercial passenger airlines, cargo airlines, global trip supports, and aircraft delivery companies. Our clients span corporations, high net worth individuals, governments, militaries, air charter brokers, and global trip support companies.

Euro Jet works tirelessly to establish long term partnerships based on TRUST by creating an exceptional experience from start to finish for our customers. We do this by providing Transparent pricing, Reliable service every time; our Unique network of locations; and finding a Solution that always results in a trip Tailored to the needs best suited for our customers.

Euro Jet


Real company with real people at 195 airports in 32 countries. Meet our team!


We Work For You!

Euro Jet is the only support company in our core region of Europe and Asia to have its own English speaking teams of people on the ground and overseeing all details related to each operation. No other company has this many people spanning this region of the world. All our teams on-the-ground have extensive knowledge, contacts and aviation experience. They also utilize our unique smart phone application where we can track in real time every aspect of your flight. Our teams are also NATA Safety 1st certified.

Euro Jet is the only company to have a series of VIP crew lounges located throughout this region. Our lounges span Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Romania, and Slovakia with several new ones expected to open in 2018. We also have ramp cars located throughout our region in many of the busiest airports. In Prague we have our own dedicated hangar and office space.

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24 / 7 support for all locations

Email: ops@eurojet-service.com

Tel: +420 2333 43 362
Fax: +420 2333 43 102
US and Canada: +1-800-849-0597


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