About Us

Euro Jet Intercontinental is the world's leading provider of both flight and ground support services.

We can provide ground handling support, permits, fuel, flight planning, hotel arrangements, crew transportation, and catering. We also provide credit and pre-payment. Euro Jet handles 8,000 flights a year on Executive Jets, Commercial, Cargo, and Military aircraft. Our 24/7 Operations Control Center and over 200 staff are ready to assist you anytime with your request.You cannot afford to have anything go wrong, and it is our job to ensure your flight goes perfectly.

“It is a Question of Trust. We don’t want to just be your service provider, but also your trusted partner.” - Charlie Bodnar, Euro Jet CEO

Every day Euro Jet handles multiple flights all across Europe and around the world. We have a wide range of customers who have all experienced our high level of commitment to providing the best aviation flight and ground support. Euro Jet prides itself on making a complicated logistical process appear seamless to our customers. Our clients span governments, corporations, individuals, executive operators, major airlines, and other flight support companies.


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