Euro Jet Services

Euro Jet has locations spanning 195 airports in 32 countries. When you land in one of our locations, you are met by one of our station managers. All Euro Jet ground representatives are fully trained with many years of experience working at the airport. Outside of our core region, we have an extensive network of partners that provide us with outstanding service and competitive pricing.

Whether you need an overflight or landing permit, we can assist. If you are flying somewhere in Europe, Central Africa or South America, we will handle your permit directly with the Civil Aviation Authority. Our 24 hour operations team will monitor the progress of your permit from the moment we receive the request to make sure that it is issued on schedule. We can also work on last minute permits that may be needed in the middle of the night. We understand permits are essential and time sensitive.

Euro Jet works directly with fuel suppliers to offer our customers some of the lowest priced jet fuel in the world. Euro Jet Fuels is the fastest growing division in our company. More and more companies are using us as they discover our low pricing. We pride ourselves on our direct relationships with suppliers, and not just being amongst a chain of fuel brokers.

Whether your flight takes you through Russia, Nigeria or Kazakhstan, our team of flight planners can coordinate this for you. Our flight planners are EU-OPS certified and can set-up a flight anywhere in the world. We use PPS and Jeppesen software; carefully analyzing each leg to make sure our customers are given optimal routings, the best alternate airports and entry/exit points. All routings will adhere to all NOTAMs, current weather, and any other special requirements.

Our flight planners will work with you on designing each flight plan so it complies with operator specific requirements. All flight plans are filed by Euro Jet and include us providing a full package consisting of the flight plan, specific weather conditions, weather charts and NOTAMS.

It is our responsibility to find a safe, secure, comfortable, and of course reasonably priced hotel for your crew. Our station managers go and inspect all our local hotels and negotiate the lowest pricing on your behalf. Our hotel rates are often times far less expensive than anything you would find on an online booking site or by even calling the hotel directly. We partner with well known local brands, but also many internationally renowned hotel brands.

Euro Jet can add an extra dimension to your trip by offering in-flight riders. Whether it is supervising the ground operation, in-flight catering, or ensuring headrest covers are on each seat, our team can guarantee this will get done. All of our flight riders have worked on diplomatic missions, music tours, and tour group charters covering all major continents. Additionally, all flight riders have extensive experience working in dispatch and in ground operations at airports throughout the world.  

Whether you are looking for a luxury Mercedes vehicle, minivan, or charter coach, we can assist. We own branded Euro Jet vehicles in many locations for crew transportation. In addition to these vehicles, we will use only use companies that we have extensive experience. All our vehicles are perfectly maintained, clean, and the newest model. We require all transportation to be at least 15 minutes early to pick-up crews.

Do you need a cheese and cracker platter plus some shrimp cocktail on your Gulfstream in Tallin, Estonia? Or do you have 200 military soldiers in Bishkek that need chicken and pasta meals? We can do both plus much more. We have a team of experienced airline caterers that assist you in coming up with different meals and then submitting the proper order.

We know that the food served on-board a charter flight can leave a lasting impression with the customer. In all our locations, we carefully select our caterers and meet with them regularly to make sure that they are maintaining the highest standards. It is our responsibility to ensure that the catering tastes perfect, but is also reasonably priced and well presented.

Euro Jet is able to offer credit at all of our locations. We have established credit with the airport and can in-turn offer this option to our clients. This allows our customers to let us negotiate with the different vendors on their behalf and have them avoid pre-payment. Once the trip is complete, we will negotiate the final invoice before we invoice our clients. So not only do we provide credit, but we will also make sure all our clients have the best pricing.