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8. 09. 2017 Blog 6min

Once upon a time in a far far away land there were a bunch of Euro Jet Country Managers going on a drive through the Czech countryside for a few days of training…

The drive from the Czech Republic’s Capital City of Prague to the smaller city of Karlovy Vary (or Carlsbad in English) reflects a drabness not terribly unusual for long drives.

For several kilometers one can view so much wheat (used to produce the always crowd pleasing beer or pivo) and a never ending view of sunflower plants whose oils are used to cook the food that will complement the liters of beer.

But looks can be deceiving because as soon as one enters Karlovy Vary, the drabness of the Czech countryside quickly dissipates as you have now entered an enchanted city resembling something out of a Disney movie. Think Princess, Princesses, and a city perfect for an ending where everyone lives happily ever after.

There was no nicer location to continue our desire to get even better at what we do than Karlovy Vary. Besides being absolutely beautiful with its mountainous surrounding, winding canals, and multi colored ornate architecture, it is also one of the world’s premier hot springs and spa locations.

Euro Jet also has one of our nicest VIP complimentary crew lounges at the airport here. The lounge is run by our superb agent Stepanka Dleskova.

While checking into the Grand Hotel Pupp – made famous as the main hotel in the James Bond movie Casino Royale – our Euro Jet team of Country Managers perhaps had the words “happily ever after” farthest from their minds.

While in retrospect, an exceptional spike in Summer business should bring smiles to the faces of everyone; however, while in the midst of it, things remained focused on getting the job done.

And so our Euro Jet Country Managers gathered in Karlovy Vary for two days of discussion, training, and the never ending enrichment of ideas and development so critical to the success of any company.

Like the drive to Karlovy Vary, our Country Managers can be deceiving.

But once you enter their magical world of aviation, airports, aircraft, then like that of Karlovy Vary, you are now in their version of a Disney movie.

Every Disney movie has five major components:

  1. In a far far away land…things appear to be okay.
  2. Then something bad happens to one of the main characters – whether it is the King, Queen, Princess, Prince…
  3. A “good guy or gal” comes in and saves the day from the evil villain.
  4. The Royal family is saved and the Good Guy is rewarded.
  5. And they all live happily ever after.

Our Euro Jet staff are those “good guys and gals” on the ground fighting to ensure that our customers can expect a seamless operation.

Whether it is Brixy from Croatia overseeing our teams located at every major airport in beautiful Croatia, or our newest team member Danilo coordinating our operation in the equally stunning Montenegro.

And the list goes on of exceptional problem solvers with our three very busy countries of Romania, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria run by Daniel, Vlasta, and Nikolay.

Farther East in the challenging locations of Ukraine and the CIS we have the fantastic work of Olga and Andrey whose attention to detail is as good as it gets.

While the Balaton Summer season was in full swing and we were just days away from the Hungarian Grand Prix, our outstanding Hungarian Country manager Peter also joined us.

And the list of our good guys continue with the superb work of Filip, Marcin, Robert, and Strahinja who came from Slovakia, Poland, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Though being a Disney hero takes expertise, the ability to “think outside the box,” and these continued gatherings where we can learn from one another.

Our illustrious cast of characters are no doubt ready to slay that dragon, take down marshmallow man, and prevent the wicked witch from harming the princess. And while doing all this they can all do some other stuff, like making sure your catering is prepared, transportation is arranged, and stairs are in place…but first they do have to slay that pesky dragon.

Right before the end of every Disney movie my daughter gets extra excited because as she likes to say “this is the part with the happy ending.

But here is when Euro Jet produces its own version of a Disney movie.

In our version, we provide you with a perfect ending before the movie even starts.

And there is no magic or deception as to how we accomplish this.

It is a lot of hard work, experience, and intense training like we did in Karlovy Vary. We are real people making real things happen every day.

And in the end our customers can all live happily ever after…and perhaps enjoy some beer made fresh from the Czech countryside along with some fried pork knuckle….

Okay, now you can all live happily ever after…

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