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Picture this…

You are a Country or Station Manager for Euro Jet, having worked at the airport for most of your career. And along comes a gentleman named Jan Rasch.

Suddenly your daily life of coordinating ground supervision, crew transport, and catering gets put on hold for at least a couple hours.

And you are now posing, gesturing, strutting about, showing off the latest fashion…well ramp vests…but regardless you are the center of attention and about to become the hottest calendar model for 2016.

So how did this all come about and what was the result?

Well let me introduce our readers to the story behind the Euro Jet 2016 calendars.

Last Fall we started planning out Euro Jet’s next marketing endeavors which included many ideas our creative team wanted to have come to life.Our goal in marketing was essentially a desire to demonstrate to our customers how the whole network of our team members located around-the-world can come together in one marketing piece that exemplifies our unique and very successful network.

We decided to produce a calendar that could incorporate all this. This is especially challenging because our teams are located all over Europe and Asia. The question is how did we make it happen?

This is where Jan Rasch, one of the finest photographers in the world, comes into the…well…the picture.

He left his family for a month and began a journey that took him from one Euro Jet location to another.

Our people from Tajikistan to Slovakia greeted him kind heartedly, yet there was a lingering mistrust about the final product and how they would look in it. You know men in Serbia and Kazakhstan are very particular that their hair looks a certain way…we of course were very sensitive to these concerns.

And so Jan traveled all over the world by plane, train, automobile and perhaps a yak (though this is unconfirmed) taking pictures one-at-a-time of our glamorous team. He was slowly putting the pieces together of what would be a Euro Jet web of people, all related to each other by not just the company they work for, but also their passion for aviation and all the stories that could write the script of many television shows.

We made sure that all photo shoots were at the airport, a setting both familiar and comfortable for them. This is the place where they spend most of their time and in some cases even most of their lives.

Jan managed to capture the essence of our team, something you cannot experience until you meet them. These photos express: “This is who I am…This is the Real Me…This is Who We Are.”

Immediately after the photo shoot, thanks to modern technology, the marketing team was sent all the photos bypassing the Caucus mountain range and Balkan winding roads straight into the computers of an office in Prague.

Not only did we have to select photos, but we also picked different types of paper, and put together each individual story for the different people, now located below their calendar photo.

Honestly, we did not know what to expect from the stories, as we asked our people to write it themselves. The result surprised us all as these stories were told in so many different voices, accents, languages, but ultimately they all delivered a series of stories that reflect their love of aviation.

And what a group we have: Some hold records in the fastest ramp turn around times, some ride tractors and bicycles on the ramp, some are experts in world geography, and some use the Euro Jet reflexive vest as fishing attire!

And some are just better looking than others. Like Sir Davor Brixy from Croatia is much better looking than Daniel Ruiu from Romania…Speaking of that handsome Croatian, his calendar photo was voted #1 by his fellow country managers and agents. None of us were surprised as he is often considered the favorite person in our company.

Congratulations to Sir Brixy on his exquisitely executed poses in front of the photo camera. We all wish we could be you.And a huge thank you to Jan the photographer and ALL the Country Managers and Station Managers that participated.

Maybe a picture says a thousand words, but in our opinion a calendar full of those pictures tells you more words than one can count. You don't just see a picture, but you feel and will always remember our passion for aviation.

All these pictures come together as one and exemplify: This is who we are. We are proud to be here.

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