25. 10. 2011 News 1min

Cannes, France, will host this year’s G20 Summit scheduled to take place on November 3-4, 2011. As a consequence, during November 1-5, 2011, several restrictions may apply.

Euro Jet G20For any A/C wishing to operate during this period, Accreditations from the French Governing Authorities are required. Accreditations should be submitted via a local ground handler, no later than 27 October 2011.

Potential closure of LFMD/CEQ (Cannes Mandelieu Airport) may be expected, slots and parking will be highly restricted at LFMN/NCE (Nice Cote D’azur Airport) from November 1-5, 2011. Clients not attending the summit need to be prepared to reposition their A/C to alternate airports due to parking unavailability during the restricted time period.

Euro Jet is ready to assist in Cannes and all surrounding alternate airports with Accreditation, handling services, coordinating slots, parking positions and fueling. Due to the high number of VIP attendees and governmental aircraft, send your handling request on time to Euro Jet Operations Center at ops@eurojet-service.com to require 24/7 operational support and further assistance.

We are looking forward to serve you in Cannes.

Euro Jet Team

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