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When someone asks me to name my favorite city in Europe, I always respond with Budapest.


Well I give the same answer when people ask why all my grandparents moved to South Africa.

                     The answer is visit and you will see for yourself.

And when visiting Budapest, you can enjoy paprika flavored food, eat some csabai and gyulai sausage, buy top quality leather shoes, and top it all off with a palinka beverage.

                  Do all this and you will really start to like the place!

                                      Budapest is a gem of a city.

Split into two halves called Buda and Pest, the city is divided by the Danube River and connected by the famous chain bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd) whose intimidating lion statues are always there to greet you.

Buda consists of the Buda Castle, beautiful churches and Medieval buildings (albeit with a Hilton Hotel in between). Across the river is the residential and commercial city of Pest where hotels line the river along with the world’s most beautiful parliament building know as Országház, a marvel of gothic revival architecture.

A personal highlight during 2013 was when I visited Hungary on August 20, its King Stephan’s Day, a celebration of King Stephan who presided over the founding of the country in 970 AD. When visiting on this day you can watch the spectacular fireworks display that lights up the sky above the Danube.

With all this written, it is no surprise that Budapest will once again host the Formula One Grand Prix this July 25 - 27, 2014. Arguably the biggest event of the year in Budapest, it will bring race car drivers and enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy some of the finest formula one racing.

In addition to the beautiful city and great sports you also have wonderful people.

Whenever I meet with customers and the topic of Budapest comes up, I always take great pride in talking about our team of Petr Pazurek and Akosh Gotz. These are two of our finest Euro Jet team members. Their dedication to taking care of the customer remains as steadfastly VIP as one can get.

Petr has been working at Budapest Airport for 30 years and his knowledge of all the key players and details at the airport could not be better. Akosh has been with Euro Jet for several years now and his years working in England in the hospitality industry allows him to give all flights that extra level of service essential to every VIP operation.

So two things I can guarantee this Summer: Come to Budapest and you will love it; Use our services at Budapest and you will like it even more!

Who will win the Formula One? Well that I do not know, you will just have to go see for yourself.

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