Resolving to Promote the Past for the Future

6. 01. 2015 Blog 3min

January 5, 2015 – WASHINGTON, DC

No matter where you live any New Year inevitably brings resolutions that dominate the media and conversation. However, by the middle of the month they have fast fritted away into a world that will resurrect itself sometime at the end of December.

I hope to reverse the trend.

A professional goal of mine is to increase our marketing output with a higher volume of promotional pieces supplemented with blog posts at a consistent pace throughout the year.

Constantly coming up with new ideas (and recycling some old ones) is a challenge in itself and gets the creative juices flowing.

And so I started the New Year by writing our next promotional piece.

And then I was stuck.

While I never took a course in business ethics, I wondered if it would have help with my conundrum.

At the end of this month, both Poland and the Czech Republic will host world leaders at an event that commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Terezin Camps.

Inevitably private aircraft logistics will be involved as world leaders arrive in Poland and the Czech Republic for their respective events. This will require specialized airport logistics that requires ensuring everything runs smoothly.

This is Euro Jet’s product.

But do we ignore promoting this product because if we do we will look insensitive to the Holocaust?

It was decided that we should go ahead and promote it.

Ultimately we offer a product that will help to ensure the airport logistics all go smoothly and help support the logistics surrounding the events.

I could not write this without mentioning that I am Jewish. While that does not give me free reign it does give me a heightened sensitivity to this issue, I would no doubt expect that same feeling of awareness from the millions of other non-Jews and innocent people affected by the Holocaust and World War II.

What swayed me the most to keep this promotion was the fact that here we are 70 plus years after the fact having an event with World Leaders gathering in an effort to acknowledge and ultimately eradicate genocide.

Why cannot we celebrate that fact? Lets turn the horrific acts of 70 plus years ago into a positive outcome.

By not having these gatherings, we can easily forget and slip back into the dark side of humanity faster than we would ever expect. Any company that can assist in these kind of events, should be proud and not shy away from being a partner.

Let the lessons of history allow us to be better people in the future.

Now that is a New Years resolution that should never vanish.

Never forget.



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