Formula One And Euro Jet Budapest: No Room For Error

20. 07. 2012 Blog 3min

What separates a great athlete from another is the ability to not make a mistake. Like we saw last month in the Euro Cup, the slightest misstep will cause a goal and it is that single goal that leads to victory.

Please do not mention this to the Italians for a few more months, though feel free to discuss this as much as you want with the Spanish.

For Euro Jet, the European Cup kept our Poland and Ukraine stations very busy during the months of June and the first week of July. While it is unlikely to have a sporting event as popular as the UEFA Tournament in Poland and Ukraine for a while, there will still be many more sporting events at Euro Jet stations throughout the region.

This brings us to the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix racing event that will occur at the Hungaroring racing circuit in Budapest on July 27-29.

Room for error in a Formula One race is zero.

Instead of a goal being scored by the slightest mistake, you will have a vehicle wipe out. While it looks incredible on television, one never wants that to happen.

Formula One shares many similarities to aviation. It involves fast moving machines speeding through space, roaring engines, and trained men in the driver’s seat to maneuver them around.

And like aviation, there is once again no room for error.

Anyone who has worked at an airport hosting a major sporting or diplomatic event knows that the airport is without a doubt completely overwhelmed.

The chance for error has just increased 10 fold.

But in our business there is no room for error. There is too much invested in these flights to allow this to happen.

Step in Euro Jet. We guarantee the service that is required no matter how many other aircraft are present.

In Budapest we have a team led by Peter Pazurek and Akos Gotz who ensure our client’s aircraft are given top priority. They ensure that our clients are not just another aircraft among many on the ramp. They take care of our customers with discounted rates at the finest hotels in Budapest. They supervise our catering with a zero tolerance policy that must satisfy the highest standards.

While we enjoy watching others crash and burn in a Formula One race, you of course never want to be that person. The same can be said (in a metaphorical sense that is…) of an airport operation. Private Aviation like sports separates the winners from the losers. Those that do a good job remain, those that let the goal get through lose.

So come to Budapest and let Euro Jet show you what they have in common with the Spanish…

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