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5. 06. 2015 Blog 6min

The brains behind any logical marketing decision we make lies with Zaneta Balochova. Since she joined the marketing team a year ago, she has kept me in line, greatly improved our product, and coordinated some fantastic events. In her never ending quest to further develop our social media outreach, she has now implemented a Euro Jet instagram website. This gives us the ability to communicate our message with a refreshing new angle that demonstrates more of what we do with an added touch of humor. Below is a piece written by Zaneta discussing our new site. #enjoy!

Do you know anyone who is missing out on social media?

Probably not.

Most people not on Facebook at least participate on Linked-in. And if you are on both then it is likely you are active on Twitter and Instagram.

So whether you don’t want to miss out on your friend’s dinner plate, the latest job opportunity, a random thought or interesting photo, social media offers a wide range of options.

In corporate communication, all social media have become a key part of electronic marketing.

It really comes down to be there or be square. When you are not in that square it is like having no voice, nothing to share with your customers and fans, and eventually nothing that exciting to sell.

Aviation is no exception to the rule.

Influential figures with thousands of followers and who have a major impact on the image of airlines are calling for connecting crews with social media so that they can solve any negative experience of its passengers, even during their flight.

When it comes to scheduled flights, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram have become a new customer service platform as well as an effective tool for getting the brand closer to the customer.

Business aviation is different, but only at first glance.

The point of being present on social media differs in the B2C and B2B segment.

So when we began to plan Euro Jet Instagram, I started thinking about all the whys in B2B.

Why do we need it?

Why is posting on social media so important?

Does it generate any business?

Is it even worth it?I am not saying that a presence on social media confirms or denies your very existence, but posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or sharing photos on Instagram simply means that you have something to say and share; that you want to be part of the conversation.

Furthermore, it tells a different story than your website.

For instance, your own Facebook page can tell a lot about you by what you post and share.

The same thing is true with the corporation.

It allows the friend, customer, fan or just someone surfing the waves of social media to uncover who you are on the inside.

It shows your spirit. And that spirit ranges from platform to platform.

At Euro Jet, Facebook is a way to connect the network all across the world – from customer, vendor and our agent to an aviation fan.

It is also a way to show our casual and fun side by spicing it up with Euro Jet news from the business.

Our Twitter page keeps you up-to-speed with all recent news in the aviation world and of course we focus on #bizav, and are proud to share Euro Jet news as well.

Linked-In is the business channel where we present our employees and connect with other aviation professionals.

Our Wordpress blog allows you to access the thoughts of our Sales and Marketing Director and gives you a unique perspective into what we are doing.And now this all bring us to Instagram...

Planning the goal of Euro Jet’s Instagram profile was quite easy for us as the vision was quite clear...We simply want you to look even deeper under the lid.

#eurojetintercontinental are our stories and passion for all things #aviation, but all in pictures. This is what we are made of at the Euro Jet family.

On Euro Jet Instagram we want to share the beautiful #picoftheday, #planesofinstagram. We want to appeal to all #aviationlovers and #avgeeks out there.

We want to go back in time and share our #tbt photos and show you Euro Jet faces in fun #selfies.

On our Instagram #avpassion is everywhere.

We invite you to follow our page and share your story with us.

Let’s create together a world of unforgettable aviation moments.

Now that is something on social media you do not want to miss out on.

Please visit our site at: www.instagram.com/eurojetintercontinental

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