Euro Jets Adjusts to COVID-19 Aviation Demand

Euro Jets Adjusts to COVID-19 Aviation Demand

27. 04. 2020 Blog 3min

As the novel coronavirus unexpectedly spread across all continents over the past few months, most of the countries in the world introduced emergency precautions, imposed national lock-downs and established unprecedented travel restrictions. The world was forced to slow down and take a break.

We have been closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 since its beginning in China, however we had not felt any significant changes in the business until mid-March, when Europe became the new epicenter of the pandemic, closely followed by the outbreak in the US. These unforeseen outbreaks throughout the world resulted in most affected countries closing their borders.

Due to the development of the situation and imposed travel limitations, we experienced a shift in the business, which we expect to be short-term, yet substantial. Inevitably, we registered a certain decline in business aviation, which was significantly affected by the restrictions. On the other hand, we are currently experiencing a significant increase in other areas of flight support, due to the growth of humanitarian operations, government repatriations, cargo flights as well as medical evacuations.

Throughout this crisis, Euro Jet has kept all of its employees both in the Prague office and at airports throughout Europe and Asia in place and able to continue to assist with all of our flight operations.

We have created a team that is working around the clock to monitor NOTAMs and airport rules and regulations all over the world. We are able to provide our customers with the best tech stops, crew rest locations, and continue to update them as things change daily.

Our teams on the ground are also in constant touch with all government officials and working on each flight to make sure that we have all the proper permissions in place, which can be very complicated during these unprecedented times.

With each and every flight, we are working with the airports and customers to follow the strictness safety precautions and liaising between the airport and the respective airline to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

While ensuring business continuity, Euro Jet’s unconditional priority remains the safety and health of our customers, partners and employees. Most of our office-based employees currently work from home, while Ground Service Coordinators who work on the ramp carefully follow all recommended safety precautions. Once the situation improves and travel restrictions begin to be lifted, Euro Jet is well prepared to support all our customers and provide them with the highest quality of service, as we always do.

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