8. 01. 2015 News 1min

This January 26–27, 2015 the Presidents of Poland and Czech Republic will host heads of state from around the world as they commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Terezin Camps.

Whilst this event acknowledges a very sad time in European history, it also allows us to never forget by this gathering of world leaders unified in their commitment to never allowing this to happen again.

With any major event that hosts world leaders, there will be logistical challenges involved. Currently at Krakow’s John Paul International Airport parking is very limited. The next best option is Katowice International Airport where there are currently no parking limitations. Katowice Airport is 35 kilometers from the event, while Krakow is 66 kilometers.

In the Czech Republic, Prague’s Vaclav Havel International Airport does not have any parking limitations. The airport is located 60 kilometers from the ceremony.

In all locations Euro Jet will have designated agents to assist with any VIP flights and do what we can to make the airport operation seamless.

Please contact us if you need any assistance supporting your operation for these events.

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