24. 03. 2014 Press 2min

Business Airport International

Euro Jet Intercontinental, the leading provider of ground support services in Europe and Asia is proud to promote a new smartphone application it has developed. The one-of-a-kind application allows Euro Jet’s agent network to provide real time reporting to its customers.

Euro Jet will be promoting the application at the Business Airport World Expo this week in Farnborough, England.

“What makes the smartphone application unique is that it is continuously updated while the aircraft is parking, the door opening, the passengers deplaning and so on. Euro Jet has its own staff and agents on the ground that have this ability and it will greatly benefit the client as private aviation customers expect only the highest level of service,” says Gareth Danker, Euro Jet’s Director of Global Sales and Marketing.

The application is available exclusively to Euro Jet agents and is a product developed and offered only by Euro Jet. As is the case with all information worked on for our trips, everything is completely secure and strictly confidential.

The application is part of a number of items that Euro Jet has been promoting during its 5th Year Anniversary. This includes new complimentary VIP crew lounges at Tivat Airport in Montenegro, and a large FBO facility in Prague that includes two VIP lounges and a hangar facility.

Throughout 2014, Euro Jet will continue to make new announcements that will include another crew lounge opening next month.

Euro Jet has a fully staffed presence in 32 countries at over 195 airports throughout Europe and Asia. Our staff of over 210 personnel are able to provide ground support, permits, fuel, catering, credit, hotel reservations, and transportation set-up. Please learn more by visiting our website at www.eurojet-service.com.

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