Croatia to Host 16+1 Summit  in Dubrovnik

Croatia to Host 16+1 Summit in Dubrovnik

7. 03. 2019 News 1min

Euro Jet is ready to support your flights related to the 16+1 Summit which will be hosted in the beautiful Croatian city of Dubrovnik this April 11‒13, 2019.

Diplomatic delegations from throughout Central and Eastern Europe are expected to attend, including a large delegation coming from China which is set to arrive on April 10 to Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb prior to the summit in Dubrovnik.

Since 2011 when this Summit was held in Budapest, the 16+1 Summit has worked to promote developing strong economic relationships between the Central and Eastern European countries and China.

Euro Jet has dedicated teams and VIP crew lounges at both Zagreb (ZAG, LDZA) and Dubrovnik (LBV, LDDU) airport, and can provide ground handling support, competitively priced fuel, last minute permits, VIP catering, hotel and transportation bookings, plus credit to qualifying customers. Our Zagreb team is run by Davor Brixy and our Dubrovnik team is managed by Zoran Hotko.

We look forward to working with you in Croatia.

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