Aviation Geek Alert: 30+1 signs that you are #avgeek

Aviation Geek Alert: 30+1 signs that you are #avgeek

2. 09. 2020 Blog 4min

Once you enter the world of aviation, you are in it for life. Love for aviation is everlasting, you get hooked immediately and your obsession constantly grows with each new flight and each new plane-window-view pic you take. Read our #avgeek checklist and find out whether you are the true aviation geek.

Keep calm if you are aviation geek.

1. You daydream about flying. Constantly.

2. Your ideal daily routine can be described as: EAT, SLEEP, FLY, REPEAT

3. You can talk about aviation for hours…or days…or even weeks.

4. Your desktop background is (obviously) a pic of your favorite aircraft.

5. You know all ICAO and IATA codes by heart. Naturally, you refer to cities by their airport codes (how else?).

6. Your phone has countless aviation apps on it.

7. You spell EVERYTHING in aviation alphabet (even when a lady at the post office asks to kindly spell your name…and then she looks at you as if you have gone mad).

8. Pro Level: You can identify any type of aircraft on sight.

9. Master Level: You can identify the type of a flying aircraft, looking at it from the ground.

10. Expert Level: You can identify the aircraft type by its sound (anytime, anywhere, at any distance).

11. You know the best airplane-spotting locations around your local airport (and these you don’t share with ANYONE, obviously).

12. You have a gallery of airplane window view pictures in your phone.

Avgeeks usually gave an entire gallery of airplane window view pictures in their phones.

13. You have airplane models on your desk at work.

14. Even your house is a full of aircraft models & photos.

15. Receiving a pair of pilot wings is better than getting candy.

16. Turbulence is exciting!

17. You compete with fellow #avgeeks on how many flights you’ve flown, what routes you’ve traveled, and what types of planes you’ve flown on.

18. If asked what time it is, you respond in Zulu Time, naturally.

19. You check the tail number of your aircraft and are truly disappointed when you’ve already flown on that plane.

20. Your dream house is basically the house of John Travolta.

Picture John Travolta's house, source: Architectural Digest

21. When the plane taking off in a movie is a different type when it lands, it makes you angry.

22. The day that in-flight cockpit visits were banned was a very, VERY sad day.

23. You know the best seat… on every type of aircraft…by heart.

24. You secretly wish to receive only aviation-themed gifts for your Birthday and Christmas.

25. You only buy clothes that have a pic of an airplane on it.

26. Who needs FBO listings when they know you? You are the true FBO expert with worldwide knowledge.

27. You are a member of a bunch of frequent-flyer programs.

28. You are convinced that you would be a GREAT pilot.

29. You never miss any airshow, no matter where it takes place. Extra benefit: you get to FLY to the airshow.

30. You know the best aviation-related jokes.

31. Your favorite movies are: Top Gun, Sully, Con Air, View from the Top, Up in the Air, Flightplan, The Terminal…should we continue?

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