9. 12. 2011 News 2min

What does one do if your lead passenger cannot fit in their seat? What if your lead passengers happens to be named Moja and needs an entire section of an aircraft? Well Moja is a Gorilla and she will only fly private and in style.

Euro Jet MojaLast week, Euro Jet coordinated a flight from Prague to Spain for Moja. She needed to travel from Prague to Santandar, Spain to be looked after while pregnant.

As you probably know, Moja is a popular superstar at the Prague Zoo. However, as is usually the case, success and fame tend to create very demanding customers. Moja is no exception.

Moja does not travel light. She likes to only be transported in a big box. Therefore, paneling and a row of seats needed to be removed from the aircraft in order to accommodate her needs. She also had a whole team of people traveling with her so she could be lifted in and out of the Czech Airlines ATR 42 as she demanded to remain in her box.

Moja was served fruit juice plus an assortment of the highest quality sliced fruit. The passengers just got bananas.

For more photos, please visit our Facebook photo gallery: www.facebook.com/EuroJet.

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