10 Things (Plus One) We Love About Our Lounges

10 Things (Plus One) We Love About Our Lounges

14. 10. 2018 Blog 5min

In this 10th month, of our 10th year we continue our year-long celebration as our team of 10+1 arrives in Orlando, Florida for the NBAA BACE show. This year’s show is expected to have a record turnout, and the Euro Jet team is excited to be exhibiting at the show in the Avinode booth.

One of the items we are promoting at the show this year are the Euro Jet crew lounges, especially the new ones we have opened. We recently opened up three new lounges in which now amazingly gives us 11 lounges in our network. These include Warsaw, Belgrade, and Sofia. We also just renovated our Zagreb lounge.

Our other lounges include Prague, Karlovy Vary, Dubrovnik, Bucharest, Constanta, Tivat, and Poprad.

Read below what I love about each lounge and you will see a pattern. Something in each comment is the same, which I believe is the essence of what makes Euro Jet great.

So here is our top 10 things plus one that we love about each lounge:

1.    Prague is the only location where we have two lounges, one ramp side and one airside. It is a great compliment to the fact that we have a handling license and our own hangar. Thank you to our team of Vlasta, Raimonda, Katerina, Veronika, Tomas, and Josef who keep everything running very smoothly.

2.    Karlovy Vary boasts our largest lounge in the network, which includes sofas that can serve as beds along with the best coffee, as certified by George Clooney. Thank you to Stepanka for all your work here.

3.    Dubrovnik boasts a lounge where you can hop on our official Euro Jet ramp bike to ride around in between flights. Well maybe not, but if you convince our Station Manager Zoran, he may let you…

4.    Zagreb is only place with a recently renovated lounge right in the GAT where you can be assisted by Brixy, Lena, and Vesna, who definitely win the award for having never ending energy.

5.    Belgrade now has a container office located right off the ramp, just 50 meters from where the aircraft park. Our team led by Strahinja is ready to welcome you anytime.

6.    Bucharest boasts a beautiful lounge on the second floor of the GAT where our team of Daniel, Anne-Mary, and Fedelia are ready to assist.

7.    Our lounge in Constanta is the only lounge of its kind at the airport. Thank you to our great team of Silviu and Anna who make sure everything runs smoothly.

8.    Tivat boasts the only lounge right off the GAT ramp. Our Country Manager Danilo and his team are ready for you anytime in this beautiful place.

9.    Poprad boasts an office located right in the GAT, where our crews can get some work done before heading out into the surrounding Tatry mountains. Thank you to our country manager Filip for all your great work.

10.    Warsaw is the only lounge at EPWR located in the GAT and within walking distance to where all the aircraft are parked. Our Station Manager Alex is ready to assist, along with our Country Manager Marcin.

11.    Sofia’s lounge is the only one located right by the General Aviation parking area. Our duo of Mitko and Mitko are ready to assist, and do not worry, they are not twins.

So what did you find each comment had in common?

Yes, the lounges allow for a smoother operation.

Yes, the lounges are all complimentary as we do not charge extra.

And yes, the lounges all happen to be located in some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

But most importantly…

There are REAL people behind every lounge.

We are a company based on the work of our people.

We do not just sell you a location and pass it on. We supervise and work to ensure everything goes smoothly.

While our lounges make us proud, the team behind them makes us prouder.

In Orlando, we will have a photographic display that is filled with pictures of our team from all over Europe and Asia.

This includes pictures of the country manager, our agents, and pictures from our 24/7 Operations Center in Prague and our administration floor where all the bills get compiled and paid.

So come meet us and let us show you our team of wonderful people.

We are very proud of them!

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