10 Nomad Questions for Andrey Lim

10 Nomad Questions for Andrey Lim

28. 08. 2018 Blog 7min

We love to promote our people and their locations. Especially when that means we get to share important information that provides our customers details about events in our region and how it relates to private aviation. This time, our 10 Questions blog will not only tell you what you need to know for your next flight to Kyrgyzstan, but you will also learn about the World Nomad Games – a wonderful event held in Kyrgyzstan every two years since 2014.

This year, the World Nomad Games will take place from September 2–8, 2018. We are fascinated by this event, the Nomadic People, Yurt Villages, and the town of Cholpon-Ata, and lake Issyk-Kul. We could not think of anyone better for this interview than our Regional Manager for the CIS Region (which includes Kyrgyzstan), Mr. Andrey Lim.

1. Andrey, can you tell us little more about the Nomad Games?

The aim of these Nomad Games is to promote the Nomad culture via competitions dedicated to ethnic sports played not only in Central Asia but around the world by nations with Nomadic origins. In 2014, Kyrgyzstan hosted the first successful World Nomad Games. The event even included the installation of a Yurt village for those participating in the games. A Yurt village is series of traditional Central Asian tent like structures used for dwelling.

2. When we talk about Nomad nations, does that include only nations from the CIS region – “The Stans”?

No, actually. The Nomad Games are represented by all nations with people referred to as Nomadic. At the Nomad Games there will be 80 countries participating. It all depends on the sports, as all countries are welcome to compete in Nomadic sports. The high interest from all over the world is proof that traditional Nomadic sports remain popular everywhere, and are in fact gaining more popularity.

3. What kind of sports can we expect to see at such an event?

Athletes will be competing in a total of 37 sports, which range from traditional horse racing to all kinds of traditional wrestling. On this link you can see some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHXLBGnjJcc

4. And how does private aviation come into the picture?

Well, we have the teams of course, but also plenty of spectators flying in for the event. There are also several airports our customers can fly into and conveniently get to the event.

5. Are there more locations or are the games happening in one place?

All games are going to be in Cholpon-Ata.  It’s a city near the biggest lake in the region called Issyk-Kul. Issyk-Kul is the 10th largest lake in the world. Even though it is surrounded by mountains covered by snow all year round, it never freezes. When translated, Issyk-Kul means “warm lake.” It is one of my most favorite places in Kyrgyzstan.

6. Tell us more about the main airports with respect to the locations where the games take place.

Well, the nearest airport is the Issyk-Kul (UCFL), located in the town of Tamchy, which is right on the Issyk-Kul lake. This international airport has all the required equipment, is open 24/7 and can handle aircraft of nearly all sizes. Unfortunately, there is no catering available on the airport field, but we can organize catering from a local caterer and have it delivered to the aircraft.  The much larger airport is the well known Manas International Airport located in Bishkek (UCFM), Kyrgyzstan’s capital and my home town. While Bishkek is a 24/7 Airport, it is important to keep this recent NOTAM in mind: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday the runway is closed due to maintenance works from 14:00Z until 21:00Z. Manas airport can handle any size aircraft and is a 3 hour drive from the venues hosting the World Nomad Games.

7. Is it better to use Biskek airport for fuel or can we provide all services at any airport?

We are able to arrange fuel at UCFL with a few days notice. At UCFM we are able to arrange fuel on short notice.

8. How about hotels and transportation during the time of the event?

As you know this kind of event keeps hotels and transport companies busy.  But Euro Jet is able to find solutions for our clients even during such busy times, so our customers need not worry about the lack of hotel accommodation or transportation.

9. Bishkek is usually used as a tech stop. For which routes?

Generally, Bishkek is a good location between Asia and Europe and can be used as a Tech Stop airport in either direction. Though because of typical wind patterns it would likely be used on flights going in a westerly direction between Asia and Europe.

10. Did you personally try any of those sports played at the World Nomad Games?

When I was a high school student, I participated in wrestling. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but then aviation came along and I found a new passion which actually allows me to still “wrestle” many tasks all at the same time… (laughs)…

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