VIP Crew Lounges

Euro Jet has eight VIP complimentary crew lounges located in:

All Euro Jet lounges are fully branded with our corporate colors of black and white and are specially designed to serve as unique  comfort zones. Any crew member that walks into a Euro Jet lounge will experience a nice relaxing comfortable setting where they have the option of doing work, relaxing or  doing a little bit of both.

Our crew lounges include comfortable couches, flat screen televisions, and full work stations for crews with all the latest technology. All lounges also feature a selection of complimentary assorted snacks and beverages. Full time concierge staff are always on hand to assist customers with any request.

When a crew member goes into a lounge, they should feel that Euro Jet can take care of all of their needs and make everything look seamless. The crew lounges play a key role in our goal to go above and beyond expectations and demonstrate our never ending desire to remain your trusted partner.

Prague, Czech Republic


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Tivat, Montenegro


Zagreb, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Bucharest and Constanta, Romania


Poprad, Slovakia